“Green Read” Low-Eye Strain Paper can be regarded as an innovation in protecting your eyes’ health. This cream-colored paper has a specially designed surface meant to reduce the reflection of light into your eyes and provide more comfort to the eyes, enabling you to read longer. Green Read Paper offers a more comfortable reading experience, thanks to the following features:


Creamish Color

This paper has a soft cream color that reduces glare reflected into the eyes by 15% less than white bond paper, providing greater comfort to the reader.


Because this paper’s color fastness is greater than that of ordinary paper, enduring despite long storage, without yellowing, it provides an attractive read time and time again.


Textured paper helps scatter light, thus reducing the concentration of light reflecting off paper directly into the eyes.


This paper’s increased volume creates an aesthetic impression of extra value. Printed material using 65-gram Green Read Paper produces a thicker product, similar to that obtained from 80-gram white bond paper.

Good Printability

The paper’s firm surface produces beautiful graphics, without peeling or loss of texture, whether in one color or many.

Light Weight

Paper with less weight produces a handier, more portable book, compared to white bond paper, even though the thickness is similar.


Product Type: Uncoated

Raw Materials: 90% Farmed Tree, 10% EcoFiber

Basis Weights: 65, 75 g/m2

Standard Sizes: 24×35, 31×43


  • Pocket Book
  • Novel

Printing Technique