About Thai Paper


“Moving forward to innovative fibrous materials and high value added products”
Thai Paper Company Limited, a subsidiary of SCG Packaging, is one of the largest integrated pulp and paper producers in ASEAN. The company operates pulp and paper-based businesses including; Pulp Business, Paper Business and Food Packaging Business.
Currently, Thai Paper Company Limited owns pulp and paper mills located in Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi Khon Kaen and Samut Sakhon. All pulp and paper mills use high-quality eucalyptus woods as raw material, procured by Siam Forestry Company Limited.
Thai paper Company Limited focuses on the utmost utilization of resources with good management manufacturing process and environmentally-friendly. In order to develop and to achieve quality control level in manufacturing process, the production process at each factory is controlled by Distributed Control System (DCS) and certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TIS/OHSAS 18001. Moreover, Information Technology System is also applied to operate the production system and customer services including a Web-Ordering system to conduct businesses with responsibility towards sustainable growth, guaranteed with several awards from international organizations.
Thai Paper Co.,Ltd focuses on development and quality control in manufacturing process both upstream and downstream in consistent with SCG’s commitment in order to develop and provide excellent quality products and services with maximum benefits and the best solutions to customers and to improve people’s quality of life in Thailand and other ASEAN countries.
Additionally, Thai Paper Co.,Ltd conducts business with responsibility towards sustainable growth. The company operates a fully-integrated forestry embracing the research and development of eucalyptus trees, promoting commercial eucalyptus as the raw material of various products. As a result, naturally grown trees are fully preserved.
Thai Paper Co.,Ltd also places high important on quality of life and society. It has consistently developed an environmentally-friendly production process in order to reduce energy consumption and preserve the community environment around the mills to ensure sustainable development for society altogether.
Providing clients and customers the best quality products and services at appropriate and fair prices
SCG earnestly focuses on excellence. In the midst of rapid change and technology advancements, the group is facing very keen competition.
SCG believes that employees are the most valuable assets. SCG owes its growth and prosperity to the contribution of its employees with competence, cardinal virtues and integrity.
SCG operates on the basis of a sound sense of responsibility towards the nation and the society in general. Year by year its responsibilities grow.