Fest in SCGP and Grab offer 4,500 promo codes for food ordering from restaurants under ‘Fest x Grab’ project, to support the usage of environmetally-friendly food packaging

Dec 02, 2020

2-15 December, Fest in SCGP and Grab offer 4,500 promo code of 40 baht discount for minimum of 200 baht per order, for food ordering from the restaurants under ‘Fest x Grab’ project. In order to support and enhance food delivery business to choose Fest, food direct contact food packaging that is clean and safe. Fest and Grab aimed to drive the usage of the food packaging to 3 million pieces by 2021 and expected for at least 500 restaurants from Bangkok and perimeter to join the project. Also, Fest and Grab are ready to expand this project to Had Yai, Song Kla and Phuket to response a government’s waste management policy which will be coming in 2022.